Lucas County now rewards you for getting your dog licensed! 
The goal of the Lucas County Loves Dogs program is to provide the "best value" dog license in Ohio. 
Take advantage of the offers from the area businesses and organizations that support Lucas County Loves Dogs and the effective cost of your dog license becomes zero!

In addition to serving as identification should your dog become lost, state law requires all dogs more than three months of age must be licensed annually (O.R.C. SEC. 955.21). Lucas County Loves Dogs (LCLD) was created to incentivize and reward dog owners for licensing their loyal canines. 
Dog owners who purchase the current year's dog license will also receive a Lucas County Loves Dogs rewards card (key fob). This rewards card is good around Lucas County at participating businesses and organizations who want to thank citizens for licensing their dog.

For more information about licensing a dog in Lucas County, use the DOG LICENSING INFORMATION link which will redirect you to the Lucas County website. Here you will find pricing and payment options in order to purchase a tag.

For complete offers and details, visit the REWARDS & VENDORS page.